Cabbage Patch Kids Party Supplies Add That Extra Special Touch To A Party

Among the most popular dolls of all time, the Cabbage Patch Kids also have become pop culture icons and cartoon stars. Who wouldn't love a Cabbage Patch Kids party; especially one that comes complete with a 'patch' full of fun and eye catching Cabbage Patch Kids party supplies.

Many Cabbage Patch Kids party supplies will center around the images of the dolls themselves. In fact, the CPK dolls themselves could serve as party supplies, and in a variety of ways. The host could line them up at the party table, so child guests will feel that they are partying with the Cabbage Patch Kids, or assemble several dolls (preferably with a variety of hair and eye colors) into a colorful centerpiece; perhaps posing them in an oversized paper mache cabbage or cabbage patch. She also could scatter them throughout the party area, and hand them out as take home party favors at the end of the celebration.

Make sure there are pictures and posters of the Cabbage Patch Kids all around the party area. Other take home party favors, for example, could include CPK miniatures, stickers, coloring books, wall clings, posters, etc.; preferably handed out in the depths of Cabbage Patch Kids treat bags. Some of these things could be used as party decorations as well; splash a few CPK posters and clings on the wall, and some fun miniatures at each place setting for a festive celebration. The little guests could come dressed like a Cabbage Patch Kid or you could supply them with everything they need to play Cabbage Patch Kids dress-up at the party.

Other, more general party decorations, such as banners, paper links, swirls, balloons, etc., could be cabbage green in color; the host even might make paper mache cabbages and place them throughout the party area--transforming the entire room into a veritable cabbage patch. Refreshments at a Cabbage Patch Kids party also could count cabbage as a prime ingredient; if a luncheon or dinner is served, then cabbage casserole or cabbage soup could be served among the main courses. Veggie wraps and chips with cabbage dip could make fun appetizers, along with mint green cupcakes and cookies—preferably baked in the likeness of—that's right—cabbages.

Cabbage Patch Kids have been a fun and endearing part of children's lives for many years. Any child would be delighted to take a trip to the patch for the ultimate CPK party.


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