Know how to Prepare a Dinner Party In a Flash

Before, both sexes male and female have their own role in society, the husbands go to work to feed the family and the wife's to manage their home. Nowadays, with our economical challenges and high demand for food and shelter, it won't suffice if only the husband will go to work. Most women now have their own careers and their doing good with it. In fact, most of them can have work and manage the house too. This is really great but most working mothers don't even have time to go to the spa or have time for themselves.

Now how can one juggle work, house chores, social parties, getting pampered and setting up a table for your party? Of course, the latter will be the least of a working mom's priority. However, there is still hope. Here are some tips that can actually work.

Time Management

Help from the Internet

- Plan your party well in advance - up to a month is good. In that time, slowly do a bit of cleaning every day so that you are not left having to do a massive cleanup the night before.

Being busy won't block one's creativity, even at work you can find inspirations for your table setting and party. You can find video tutorials on napkin folding while you're taking a break at the office and you've already crossed out something on your to-do list. If you're looking for glasses, centerpieces and table cloths, you can start looking for them 3 weeks before the said event so if you don't find one, you won't need to rush and go to another shop before 6pm or else your party will be ruined.

What's important is that you stick to the budget and be a wise shopper. If you have old table cloths, you can use them instead of buying them brand new; you won't really use them everyday. You can also use your reserved silverware too just make sure that you clean and polish them days before so on the day of the dinner party, you will just to wash them lightly. Make a list of the things to buy and the things you need to get from your attic or basement. Do the latter first, because that takes time and is a lot messier. Once done, finalize what you need to do and your theme too.

Since you know that the party won't be happening until next month, one might assume that it's okay if some of the plan can be skipped. Often times, we always say that "oh, it's not going to happen now, I can always do it tomorrow" but this is one thing that can lead to last minute shopping and preparation. What if your table setting isn't right for the event and today is the day? You can't just rush and pick anything just to make it blend, right?

Having the right discipline and the proper attitude towards work, leisure and other things will surely help you balance your work and your personal life all together.


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