Show American Patriotism With Fun Party Supplies And Decorations For Any Patriotic Theme Party

Create fun and easy patriotic party supplies and decorations perfect for any patriotic theme party from the 4th of July to Memorial Day.

Glitter Patriotic Images: The color palate of the patriotic party supplies should be red, white and blue done in their bold and distinctive brilliance. To make simple glitter patriotic images, trace images on large sheets of construction paper or poster board. The patriotic images can include anything from Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, American Flag, Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore, American Presidents etc. Once the images are traced on the selected paper, number the colored areas not to make mistakes when adding the glitter. Sprinkle glitter gently over the area after craft glue is applied.

More complicated images such as faces will require more detailed application of the glitter. Use single glue lines on face details and apply the glitter. Keep the images flat until the glitter had a chance to dry and adhere to the surface.

Glitter Patriotic Banners: Glitter patriotic banners can easily be made by using cutouts of stars and other patriotic imagery. Use star stencils and trace the stars on sheets of paper. Once the stars are drawn on the sheets of paper apply the glue and add red, white, and blue glitter. After the glitter has dried, punch holes in the corners of the stars and string together with red, white, or blue curling ribbon or silk ribbons.

Patriotic Appreciation Art: The freedoms found in the United States provides one with the chance to take in many different and enjoyable experiences ranging from food to movies. A fun way for youngsters to show what they love about America is by doing a Patriotic Appreciation Art project The idea of this is for children to show what they love the most about the United States and draw in on a large sheet of construction paper or poster board. Once the images are drawn, color in using markers, crayons, or paint. Need something for the younger guest to do, well then this project will not only keep them busy, but let them be creative.

Another option is to have the children cut out the objects and symbols of America they love and string together to make a banner. Punch holes in the corners of the images and string together using curling ribbon or silk ribbon and hang.

Patriotic party supplies can easily be made with simple arts & crafts materials. Keep the patriotic party supplies fresh every year by creating new and interesting party supplies and decorations.


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